How to find Discord mods

Discord is one of the greatest platforms for setting up an online community. It has emerged as a wonderful space for people with similar interests to interact and converse. Usually, Discord is employed as the shared online community for NFT projects, Crypto companies, and games. As a business owner, dedicating your energy to moderating your Discord server can be an unproductive utilization of your time. Consequently, you will most likely be in search of decent Discord moderators. This article will outline the top areas to search for moderators for your Discord server.

What’s a Discord mod?

On Discord, a Mod or Moderator is assigned to oversee the interactions on the server. They are tasked with ensuring the conversations remain productive and cordial, responding to questions from community members, and serving as the primary connection between the community and the organization.

What are the differences between Discord Mod and Discord Community Manager?

Discord Moderators collaborate with Community Managers to make sure Discord communities function optimally. Community Managers generally set up the brand’s overall plan, objectives, and tone. They are often in charge of monitoring multiple Discord Moderators concurrently.

Where to find Discord mods?

In order to locate experienced moderators, one of the best places to search is in other servers that you find appealing. This allows you to gain a firsthand understanding of how a moderator handles their responsibilities. We advise you to search for companies similar to yours and scan through their list of active moderators, then direct message them to confirm if they would be interested in taking on additional work. If you would prefer to avoid the hiring and managing process of a Discord moderator team, you could look into working with an agency. There are many specialized crypto agencies that offer Discord management services, which includes a whole team of experienced moderators.

Discord mod responsibilities

Here are some Discord mod responsibilities to become a good mod

  • Administrators create and oversee Discord servers, setting the rules for participating and inviting people to join.
  • Discord Mods are responsible for ensuring the server is a safe, healthy environment for everyone, moderating or deleting messages, inviting, banning or suspending people who violate the server’s rules.
  • Mods should be experienced and enthusiastic participants in one or more communities.
  • Administrators and moderators should be the first point of contact if an issue arises in the server.
  • Written rules should be established for behavior to avoid confusion or misunderstanding about the community’s guidelines.
  • As communities grow, more moderators may be needed to keep the server a fun and welcoming place to be.
  • Discord moderators should have the following permissions: Kick Members; Ban Members; Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels; Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files, and Read Message History.
  • Aesthetic roles can be added to servers as a way to make them more attractive and organized.

How to be a mod on Discord

Here are some useful tips on how to become a mod on Discord

  • Become an experienced and enthusiastic member of one or more Discord servers.
  • To be a mod on a Discord server, you must be a pleasant and proactive user of the server and offer help to other members.
  • You can apply to be a Discord Mod by filling out a Discord Moderator Application Form.
  • When an administrator gets a new request, they have the option to approve or deny it.
  • If approved, the new Mod will have access to the Discord server’s moderator tools, which include expelling members for offensive comments, banning users, and establishing rules for a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Maintain a birds-eye view of the server at all times and proactively engage in regulatory actions to ensure everyone is adhering to the guidelines.
  • Set up and maintain different text channels or audio chat rooms for diverse topics in the Discord server.
  • Set up bots to deploy and monitor the server and to inform the mod when new members join or leave.
  • Develop and administer the community to gain knowledge and understanding about the management of servers.
  • Share knowledge with other moderators to develop as a Discord Mod.
  • Take the Discord Moderator Academy Exam and become a certified mod.


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