Best Crypto Subreddits 2023

Identifying the most beneficial cryptocurrency-related subreddits in the upcoming year of 2023.

Reddit is an amazing platform with a huge selection of communities (subreddits) centered around different areas of cryptocurrency. You can find groups devoted to trading, other communities that study Initial Coin Offerings, and some subreddits that concentrate solely on a specific token. That is the advantage of the platform since you can search through a range of subreddits and gain a lot of knowledge by spending some time every day on the ones that you find the most intriguing. Here are some of the leading cryptocurrency subreddits to discover more about cryptocurrency on Reddit.

Best Crypto Subreddits


Member Count: 4.8M

r/Bitcoin is the largest online forum devoted to cryptocurrency. It has a wide variety of posts, from tips for novices to amusing bitcoin memes. You’ll also find news stories, investigations, and debates concerning the first digital currency, and it’s absolutely worth a visit.


Member Count: 6M

This crypto sub is one of the few that has over 5 million members and it is quite busy. People can discuss recent news, markets, and analysis, and they can chat about any token and blockchain-related subject that is not only bitcoin.


Member Count: 1.1M

/r/btc is a subreddit that is dedicated to discussion and news related to the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.
With 1.1 million members, /r/btc is the lesser known cousin of /r/bitcoin. The two sites have many of the same topics, but the content on /r/btc is more technical, focusing on bitcoin, bitcoin cash and other versions of the first cryptocurrency. If you want to make money trading, this should be your main resource. Here you’ll find information on exchanges and various applications to help you analyze the market better and get your first profit. For those just getting into the world of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, /r/BitcoinForBeginners is a great place. It’s catered towards newbies and has plenty of questions and answers about the technology, its potential applications and the best ways to trade.


Member Count: 1.3M

If you’re looking to start trading and make some cash, this is the right place for you. Here, you’ll learn about trading platforms and applications that can assist you in evaluating the market, which will result in you getting your first profits.


Member Count: 378K

r/CryptoCurrencies is a subreddit dedicated to providing news and discussion about cryptocurrencies. It’s a great place to stay up to date on all things crypto, get help understanding the technology and discuss topics related to the industry. They provide high-quality content and do a decent job at moderating content.


Member Count: 220K

r/altcoin is an amazing place to keep up with the ever-changing crypto world. There are always new tokens being released and new projects everyone is getting excited about. Plus, the discussion of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has been taking off and it’s great to see people on this subreddit getting involved in that space. All in all, if you’re looking for information on any cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin, then this is the place to come. The knowledgeable and passionate community here makes it a great hub for anyone interested in altcoins.


Member Count: 161K

If you want to use Reddit to learn more about trading strategies, digital exchanges, and crypto wallets, then /r/CryptoCurrencyTrading is the perfect place for you. The sub is smaller than the WallStreetBets-style communities, so you get a more tight-knit community. That means more direct access to helpful advice from fellow traders. As its name suggests, this sub focuses on trading all coins – from bitcoin to ethereum, and everything else in between! It’s great for anyone who wants to get into cryptocurrency trading but may not know where to start. Plus, with its mature atmosphere, you won’t be inundated by the noise of other subreddits.


Member Count: 72k

If you want to discuss anything related to crypto, then /r/Crypto_General is the perfect place for it. The community is a lot smaller compared to other crypto discussion forums, so you can expect higher quality of discussions. People in the community are well aware of the current trends and even provide their valuable opinions and insights on them. You can also interact with other members, ask questions and even share your own ideas. It’s a great platform to really engage with other crypto enthusiasts and learn more about it. So if you’re looking for an active and vibrant crypto discussion community, this is the place to be!


Member Count: 50K

If you’re interested in making money in the cryptocurrency space or if you want to learn more about upcoming initial coin offerings, then /r/ico is the place for you. This sub has a focus on analysis of ICOs, IDOs, IEOs, and ITOs so that you can stay up to date with the latest information. You’ll find pricing history, company insights, and opinions and reviews from other users. So if you’re looking to make money or just stay informed, /r/ico is the ultimate resource. With a strong community of experienced investors, you’ll never be left in the dark. So why wait? Check out /r/ico today and start making the most of your cryptocurrency investments!

Best Crytpo Altcoin subreddits


Member Count: 1.6M

Ethereum is a revolutionary technology that has revolutionised the way applications are built. Right from its launch in December of 2013, it has been one of the most popular altcoins on the market. This subreddit is an excellent source for all its related updates and news. It is a great place to find out about token updates and breaking news regarding Ethereum. In a short span of time, Ethereum has become an indispensable part of the cryptocurrency world and this subreddit reflects that progress. It provides a valuable platform for Ethereum enthusiasts to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and to interact with other users. Therefore, if you are looking for information regarding Ethereum, this subreddit is definitely worth checking out!


Member Count: 59K

Welcome to the official BNB Chain subreddit! This is the perfect platform for anyone looking to get informed about BNB Chain or share their experiences with it. BNB Chain is a decentralized blockchain that enables innovative builders and projects to develop and shape the future of Web3. It’s an exciting technology that has opened up a world of possibilities and opportunities. The BNB Chain team are on hand here to provide you with the latest news and updates, answer any questions you may have, and generally be a support system for all things BNB Chain-related. So why not join the conversation and see what amazing things can be created with BNB Chain?


Member Count: 323K

Ripple’s XRP is one of the first cryptocurrencies outside of bitcoin to gain popularity and its community is fiercely loyal to it. The technology it employs connects banks, payment providers, and exchanges allowing them to reduce costs, while also providing faster payment settlement. What makes XRP even more attractive is its ability to enable real-time global payments anywhere in the world. It is the most scalable asset and enables banks to source liquidity on demand without pre-funding their nostro accounts. This has made many payment providers turn to XRP to expand reach into new markets and lower foreign exchange costs. All in all, XRP has become a valuable asset for businesses and individuals alike.


Member Count: 2.4M

Unsurprisingly, the meme coin – Dogecoin – has a super popular online community that makes it stand out from other altcoins. r/dogecoin is the biggest subreddit for any altcoin, and it’s like no other place on Reddit! It’s the perfect place to share ideas, discuss topics, hoard coins and just be amazed by the innovative crypto-currency. The Dogecoin community is passionate and always finding new ways to be innovative, which is why it’s become so popular in such a short amount of time. Every day, hundreds of people join the Dogecoin subreddit to find out more about the coin and how to use it. If you’re ever looking for a wow experience or want to join an exciting online community, Dogecoin is definitely worth checking out!


Member Count: 694k

Cardano is indeed a revolutionary project and the development team behind it is an exemplary group of experts. With its open source, decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency, Cardano seeks to deliver an advanced platform with features never seen before. What makes this project even more unique is the fact that it has evolved out of a scientific philosophy and research-first driven approach. This gives the team a solid foundation to build upon, allowing them to explore new and innovative ways of bringing their vision to life. Such incredible dedication and commitment from the Cardano team is definitely something worth celebrating, making this project one of the most impressive projects in the blockchain space. Join their subreddit to learn more about Cardano.


Member Count: 23K

Polygon is a game-changer in the world of blockchain. It’s a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that puts users first and ensures that Web3 is accessible to everyone. Not only does it make dApps more scalable, but it also reduces transaction fees and keeps security at the forefront. That’s why Polygon believes in Web3 for all – so everyone can have access to the same level of decentralised technology. As the blockchain community continues to grow, Polygon will be leading the way in making sure everyone can benefit from Web3.

Check out these other Crypto Subreddits


Member Count: 887K

Binance has been leading the way in the blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider space, with a financial product suite that is top-notch. Its digital asset exchange is the largest one by volume and is a major draw for customers. In addition, r/Binance is one of the largest subreddits on Reddit – out of all subreddits, crypto or not, it is ranked in the top 1%. It offers users the chance to engage in conversations about Binance and its products and services, as well as discuss topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. All in all, Binance offers users a comprehensive platform that caters to their needs, whether it be for trading or for learning more about the blockchain space.


Member Count: 224K

Coinbase has become a widely popular exchange for cryptocurrency trading, and their user base continues to grow. The company has a vibrant community where traders can network and share advice on how to better use Coinbase products and services. Not only that, but users can receive the latest updates from the team at Coinbase, such as when new feature releases or coin listings are added to the platform. Coinbase is also one of the exchanges with the most comprehensive customer support team, so users can always find assistance with any issues they might have. All in all, Coinbase is an excellent exchange for anyone looking to get into crypto trading.


Member Count: 97K

The Ledger hardware wallet is a great option for holding your cryptocurrencies securely. It has a solid reputation as one of the best wallets around, and is a great choice for cold storage. The Ledger community is also great, with a lively subreddit dedicated to the company and their products. There, you can get the latest news on upcoming releases and updates, as well as discuss topics related to Ledger with other enthusiasts. As an added bonus, the subreddit also has tutorials and guides on using Ledger wallets to help both experienced users and newcomers alike get the most out of their purchase. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, secure hardware wallet, then check out Ledger’s offerings!


Member Count: 106K

DeFi has become the go-to for those wanting to participate in decentralized finance, taking the basic premise of Bitcoin and creating a digital alternative to Wall Street. Rather than having to rely on financial companies and banks, DeFi provides open-source code that anyone can use to borrow, lend, purchase insurance or exchange digital assets without the need for middlemen.
In 2020, DeFi completely blew up; what had been a small yet dedicated community of users suddenly extended to many more people who wanted a piece of the action. Redditors have been joining in on the fun and getting involved with DeFi as well – it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular topics on Reddit!
If you’re a redditor interested in decentralized finance, then you’ve come to the right place. With DeFi becoming such an important part of our lives, it’s important to make sure you keep up with all the latest developments so you can take full advantage of its potential. Join the conversation, learn about DeFi and above all else, make sure you stay safe with your investments.


Member Count: 614K

The NFT subreddit is a fantastic place to learn more about Non-Fungible Tokens, the hottest new innovation to hit the digital landscape. It’s no wonder why NFT’s are becoming so popular; they offer an unparalleled level of interactivity and control when it comes to digital media and assets. By using the blockchain, these tokens give users the ability to own a piece of something that would have been impossible before. NFTs are really exciting because they open up new ways for people to transfer and display value across digital platforms. From video games to digital art and even physical assets like real estate, NFTs have opened up whole new ways for people to interact with their digital assets. Plus, they can also be used to create decentralized identities. As we move into Web 3.0, NFTs are set to become an increasingly integral part of many people’s lives.


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